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Expression-bodied members provide a simplified syntax to support this scenario. Starting with C 6, a read-only indexer can be implemented as an expression-bodied member, as the following example shows. using System; class SampleCollectionT // Declare an array to store the data elements.
Society of Indexers. Society of Indexers.
The Indexer is the international journal of indexing, published by the Society of Indexers on behalf of indexing societies around the world. It is addressed to practitioners and scholars, to indexers and users of indexes, with articles on indexing in the digital age, usability, specialist indexing projects, professional development, software designed to help the indexer.
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void Main var doeFamily new OurFamily John" Jane" for int i 0; i doeFamily. Length; i var member doeFamily i; var index doeFamily member; // same as i in this case, but it demonstrates indexer overloading allowing to search doeFamily by value.
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See also edit. All pages with titles containing Indexer" or Indexers." All pages with titles beginning with Indexer." indexer" incategory Information: scienceDocument management systemsMetadataLibrary science." Topics referred to by the same term. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Indexer.
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A" public string thisint index get string tmp; if index 0 index size-1 tmp namelistindex; else tmp" return tmp; set if index 0 index size-1 namelistindex value; public int thisstring name get int index 0; whileindex size if namelistindex name return index; index; return index; static void Mainstring args IndexedNames names new IndexedNames; names0 Zara" names1 Riz" names2 Nuha" names3 Asif" names4 Davinder" names5 Sunil" names6 Rubic" //using the first indexer with int parameter for int i 0; i IndexedNames.size; i Console.WriteLinenamesi; //using the second indexer with the string parameter Console.WriteLinenamesNuha" Console.ReadKey.;
So you want to be an indexer? American Society for Indexing.
Once a book is in final form and all laid out, the editorial changes have been made, all the graphics and illustrations are in place, and it is almost ready to go to the printer, the book is ready for an indexer to create the index that appears at the back of the book.

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