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Paquet-Clouston and collaborators pointed out that to register accounts on Instagram, the Linux/Moose botnet simply generated email addresses like on the fly. Instagram didn't' even check them by sending an email with a confirmation link. After failing to set serious entry barriers, the networks make a show of diligently detecting and suspending the bots. But some of them like the Star Wars botnet, set up as long ago as 2013 avoid detection because their creators know how the algorithms works. Others are disposable: They're' just needed to spread some spam or help a political campaign. It's' easy enough to produce more as needed. Why are the account registration policies of the social media networks more lax than the entry policies of your standard U.S. The usual argument is that they make it easier for dissidents living under oppressive regimes or for whistleblowers to make their voices heard. That explanation is harder to buy than a million Twitter followers, though.
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