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Adhesive fracture edit. Adhesive fracture sometimes referred to as interfacial fracture is when debonding occurs between the adhesive and the adherend. In most cases, the occurrence of adhesive fracture for a given adhesive goes along with smaller fracture toughness. Other types of fracture edit.
ADHESIVE - Nederlandse vertaling - Engels-Nederlands woordenboek.
Wist je dit al? Al onze woordenboeken zijn bidirectioneel, wat wil zeggen dat je woorden gelijktijdig in beide talen kan opzoeken. tok_pisin Tok Pisin. adhesive" in het Nederlands. adhesive" - vertaling Nederlands. adhesive agent znw. EN adhesive bijvoeglijk naamwoord. EN adhesive zelfstandig naamwoord.
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C Use a water-resistant adhesive. Your browser doesn't' support HTML5 audio. / dhisv, ├Žd, zv /. covered with glue on one or more surfaces; sticky.: The pages were held together with adhesive tape. Definition of adhesive from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Examples of adhesive.
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Mechanical engineering: Materials. Adhesive is a sticky substance used for joining two things together. Use a strong adhesive to stick the mirror in place. The adhesive chosen should have enough tackiness to attach the device securely to the tissue surface.

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